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Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Novosibirsk State University
Accelerators Physics Chair
Group 1313(1363)
Novosibirsk State University


Our GroupOur Group

Face of Ulyana Ancharova

Ulyana V. Ancharova.

First, single and best girl of our group.
July 2, 1979.

Face of Denis Artamonov

Denis O. Artamonov.

Permanent master of our group.
April 7, 1984.

Face of Matvey Berdnikov

Matvey V. Berdnikov.

Main tourist :)
September 15, 1983.

Face of Andrey Gvozdev

Andrey A. Gvozdev.

Just a spirit and may be dr. Cannabis.
May 9, 1984.

Face of Sergey Ivanov

Sergey A. Ivanov.

Elephant. Simbol of the brute force.
October 29, 1984.

Face of Alexander Romanov

Alexander L. Romanov.

Strange & crazy genius.
25 Mart, 1984.

Face of Eugeniy Shtarklev

Eugeniy A. Shtarklev.

Aka Zhirniy or Zlobniy (Spiteful Prohor)
October 2, 1984.


Site creation idea has a long story, but it was realised only during seminars at the Snezhinsk's Winter School, because we had only two choices: stupid sleeping or making something interesting. Now a little bit about peoples, for which this project was created.

Our Group (1313), in the current composition, was born at the third year of education in the Novosibirsk State University. Our speciality, which writed (wrote/written) in our diploms, is "Accelerators Physics". Chair of physics of accelerators is the part of NSU's physics department, basic institute is the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS.

Our group is very friendful (so many alcohol were desintegrated by us togev(th)er), and we have a girl in our members, that's very strange and unusual for physics department, especially in the 6th year or education :) You can see all members of our group in the all powerful beauty of their top body branches. More detailed information about masters of such beauty is given in their home pages.
It's just a demo-version of the site, but we have a great plans for content adding with some ideas and helpful information for next generations of "accelerators students" :)

We will be very appreciated for all help with ideas and materials!!!


Supported by Denis Artamonov (aka SG) and Andrey Gvozdev (aka Dooh) ©Novosibirsk 2006